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Biogas Plant
1. Pretreatment tank 2. Feeding pump 3. Digester 4. Storage pool 5. Biogas storage bags
6. Biogas generator 7. Desulfurizer and dehydrator 8. Biogas storage tank 9. Biogas punp
Sunfad medium size 100m3 biogas plants is composed of a concrete digester and several glass fibre reinforced plastic gas-holders. The digester is 100 m3 of capacity. Sunfad medium size biogas system is composed of one or a group of Sunfad 100m3 size biogas plants, the feeding system, the biogas purify system (the desulphurization tower and the dehydration tower), the biogas storage and delivery system, biogas appliances or generators.
High reliable: no mechanic movement, no mechanic failures.
Wide range of application. The plant can be built both under and above ground. The plant is suitable to handle both liquids (sewage, human and animal manure) and solids (grass, straw, and food waste).
Low maintenance cost: very few workers are needed, almost no maintenance for rust prevention andmechanic repair are needed.
Durable: The concrete digester which can stand strong acid and alkali can last over 40 years, the glassfibre gas holder can last over 10 years and it is replaceable when it is worn out or broken.
Range of Apply:
(1) Disposal of sewage sludge for waste water disposal stations
(2) Disposal of wastes for medium size livestock farms
(3) Disposal of sewage and food waste for departments, factories and schools etc.
(4) Disposal of waste water and solid waste for food processing plants and brewing plants.
Volumes of biogas:
About 100 m3 biogas per day can be collected from 100 m3 digester system, if enough material and more than 30 °C.
Quantity material treated per day:
1. 2300 kg fresh pig manure or
2. 3100 kg fresh cow manure or
3. 1400 kg fresh chicken manure or
4. 1700 kg fresh human manure or
5. 1000 kg food waste or
6. 1000 kg grass or
Electricity production: 8kw/hour, 15hours per day
Biogas produced: total 100m3/d
Biogas production rate: 1m3/dm3

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