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On-grid Generation System
Solar Energy On-grid Generation System The system transmits the current into power grid after the current is collected and treated through a series of solar modules.
Professional shadow and radiation analysis.
Best connection and combination solution for solar module.
Innovative laminated roof technology.
Rationalization layout of solar module completely ,integrated with complex structure of building.

10.67MWp On-gird PV System Project In Nanjing South Railway Station, China —— The Largest Single BIPV Project In The World
This project is the largest single BIPV grid-connected demonstration project with highest efficiency of electricity in the world at present, it plays an important role on new energy application.

116KWp BIPV Project In Hebi Stadium In Henan Province, China

1.1MWp BIPV Project In Nanjing, China

60KWp BIPV Project Of Jiangning Tianyin Square In Nanjing, China

60KWp BIPV Project In Xi'an ——The First BIPV Demonstration Project In Shanxi Province, China

30KWp Solar Power Station In Anhui —— the first substation solar direct current system in Anhui province, China

56KWp Pilot Demonstration Project In Changsha

3.5Mw Demonstration BIPV project in Jingdezhen,Jiangxi Province

50KWp On-grid Power System (Phase 1) At Pudong Airport In Shanghai

386KWp On-grid Power System In Catanzaro Italy

210KWp On-grid Power System In Czech

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