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On-grid Wind Solar Hybrid Power System
Combining Wind Turbine and Solar Panels into a hybrid system offers several advantages. In many places, wind speeds are low in the summer when the sun is plentiful. The wind is strong in the winter when less sunlight is available. Because the peak operating times for wind and solar systems occur at different times of the day and year, hybrid systems are better balanced and more likely to produce power when you need it.

Wind power can be an excellent complement to a solar power system. When the sun isn't shining, the wind is usually blowing. Wind power is especially helpful in the winter to capture both the ferocious and gentle mountain winds during the times of least sunlight and highest power use. In some locations wind is not suitable as the ONLY source of power--it simply fills in the gaps left by solar power quite nicely.
1. Solar Array
A number of PV panels connected in series and/or in parallel giving the required DC output from the available irradiance. Orientation and tilt of these panels are important design parameters, as well as avoiding as much shading as possible from surrounding obstructions.
2. Wind turbine
This is installed on top of a tall tower, collects kinetic energy from the wind and converts it to electricity that is compatible with a home's electrical system.
3. Hybrid controller
This controls the battery bank charge and discharge keeping it within optimum safety limits.
4. Battery bank
This can be a single battery or multiple batteries connected together to create essentially one large battery of the required voltage and amp- hour capacity. The battery configuration and capacity are the most important electrical power decisions that have to be made, and a wise choice in this regard can help guarantee a steady supply of electrical power as well as a system that is simple to operate and maintain.
5. Inverter
A converter that changes the DC power from the batteries into AC power suitable for the required loads. Loads being the network connected appliances in the building that are fed from the inverter (AC loads), or from the battery bank (DC loads).

Wind-solar hybrid power system is an integrated system of solar energy and wind energy. The rational allocation of every part's capacity of generating system is very important to guarantee the reliability of generating system. To satisfy the requirement of users' electricity consumption, our company will analyze the electricity consumption and local solar and wind resources conditions to allocate the most suitable system for different users.
Off-grid Wind Solar Hybrid Power System
1. Working principle
Wind turbine and panels generate electricity, charge into battery through controller, the system supply power in AC for lights, home appliances, electrical tools and other load.
2. System configuration
1).Wind turbine.
2).Tower and accessory.
3).Solar panel and bracket.
4).Off-grid wind and solar hybrid controller.
5).Battery group.
6).Three phase pure wave inverter.
3. System advantages
1).System is suitable for area with above 4m/s wind speed and good sun condition
2).Wind and solar combined system works al day, suitable for some project required enough electricity.
3).Stable output power, no influence for cloudy day or rainy day.
4).Suitable for projects with constant consumption loads
4. Application field
Home application, island, small village, small power station, signal station, communication station.
Wind Solar Hybrid Power Street Lamp

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