Sunfad Electrical Group Co., Ltd.


Sunfad Electrical Group Co., Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters in the field of high & low voltage electrical appliance and equipment in China. The company is located in Liushi, Wenzhou --- the capital of China’s low-voltage electrical appliances.

Sunfad has passed ISO9001:2008 quality management system approval and most of our products have obtained SEMKO, CE, CB,C-tick & REACH approvals. At present our products are mainly exported to Germany, France, Belgium, Sweden, Poland, Hungary, Turkey etc. in Europe, Australia and South America.

Sunfad is enjoying high reputation in domestic and international market for its superior quality and has already established cooperative relations with customers from over 20 countries and regions in the world. Sunfad people will keep and enlighten our spirit to seek excellence and creat the higher and more value for our customers home and abroad.

Culture of Sunfad

We highly praises the culture of "Idea is prior to action." Sunfad, the Chinese pronunciation of "新威特", means New & Special in Chinese, whose quintessence is to cooperate closely with partners in business or projects and keep high quality in products and service.

We make and distribute not only an individual product, but a packaged solution more. A Solution is an innovative combination of technology, products and services providing a high value unified response to business customer's needs. We make the best effort to offer a safe, simple, efficient and innovative solution for our partner and customer up to our customer satisfaction.

- Profession
We believes in the culture of "Profession makes the quality and loyalty." Our hardware facilities is complete with ISO9001:2008, IEC standard, China national standard and the related regulations of China Entry-exit Inspection & Quarantine Bureau, our sofeware adopts the recent advanced ERP management system and we have our 8 senior national engineers, 18 electrical engineers, 30 technicians for R&D and QC. All the products from Sunfad are of good and trustable quality. Each product obeys a strict and complete procedure and standard from research, design, prototype, component development, sample's test, mass production, quality control, after-sales service and feedback.

- Teamwork
We realize the importance of teamwork in such a competitive electrical field, we emphasize and deepen internal management, in the meantime we encourage to stimulate and give full play to the initiative and great creativity of our individual and team. The increasingly compartmentalised work is improving our teamwork efficiency, lowing our total cost and also customer's purchasing cost.

- Service
We definite Service a dynamic process in each detail to satisfy customer's final satisfaction from its initial idea of a new product, its internal and external design, its combination with related products, mould and component development, sample and mass production, quality control, packing, sales & delivery, after-sales service and feedback to further circular cooperation in new item with customer.

- Responsibility
We maintain social responsibility to product and people, nature and future and in the meantime as one of our enterprise initiatives and innovations. We care about profit & lose, and more care about person & love, nature and future.

- Sunfad brand
Sunfad is exactly making high quality product for application and safety, but also aestheticism and philanthropy on the basis of human nature.




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